Best Director Oscars 70 Years Later


I'm Zeyu Chen, from China,the pronunciation of my name is Chen Tse Yu. You can call me CYu, this nickname has been with me for more than 7 years, because I liked playing football in high school, imitating C.Ronaldo's position and playing style. Also, my last name starts with C and my first name ends with yu. So my teammates call me cyu for convenience. At the same time, the pronunciation of cyu is similar to see you, and this coincidence also became my coach's expectation of me. He hoped that my finishing ability on the front line would be able to say goodbye to our opponents.

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I yearn for the natural light and shadow control of the photographer of "The Revenant", the post-production level of special effects like "The Avengers" and the talent of the editor of "Mr. Nobody". During my postgraduate study at Northeastern University, I hope to improve my filmmaking ability, and I will actively develop towards an independent filmmaker.


My primary hobby is fitness, which I have been doing for over 10 years. Second, I'm trying to learn to play guitar in my spare time. And I prefer to shoot some materials in my life.



Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro.


Chinese, English.


MPS in Digital Media

Northeastern University CPS, Boston
2021 - Ongoing


The Fifth Universiade in Chongqing, China. Volunteer and lead dancer.

2 months

Summer in Chongqing is very hot, and you can sweat within five minutes of going out, even if you don't exercise at all. Although the whole preparation process for this opening ceremony was difficult, it brought me a very good life experience.

Liangjiang Film and Television City TV program recording

2 months

We invited some famous local stars to record a small program on a local TV station.

Hebei Education Press, Graphic Design

2 months

I was in charge of graphic design and review for some materials